NPL Meeting


Here’s everything you need to know to make your NPL Meeting unique!

How to get there?

Venice Lido is around 40 minutes from Santa Lucia train station and the Tronchetto car park, and 50 minutes from Venice’s Marco Polo airport.

Transfers both to and from Venice Lido (on September 26 and 27 respectively) will be provided by the NPL Meeting organizing committee, which has established pick-up points at the following locations:

  • outside Santa Lucia train station
  • at the entrance to the Tronchetto car park
  • at the arrival area of Marco Polo airport

NPL Meeting staff, easily recognizable by their distinctive clothing, will be available to help all participants reach Venice Lido via boats laid on exclusively for the event.

We recommend that guests attending or leading workshops on September 26 arrive in Venice Lido on time, at 1:30pm CET. There are trains from Milan and flights from London arriving at about 12pm in Venice.

At the conclusion of the event (27 September, 1.30pm), transport will be provided to return participants of the NPL Meeting to the Tronchetto car park, Venezia Santa Lucia train station and Marco Polo airport.


The NPL Meeting workshops represent a unique opportunity to analyze the dynamics of the NPL world and to discuss what the future of deteriorated credit will hold for us.

A clear and well-defined format: September 26 (from 2.30pm) will be entirely dedicated to workshops, moments of reflection lasting an hour and distributed across three time slots, during which all participants will have the opportunity to share opinions and ideas about the various issues related to the world of non-performing loans.

Between one time slot and another, participants will have 15 minutes to move between the two hosting structures, which are adjacent to one other.

Main Conference's Agenda
"Run the Industry"

(from 9.00am to 1.30pm)

Palazzo del Cinema