Market Watch NPL – The Italian Scenario

September 2018

NPL Meeting 2018

Giovanni Bossi – The NPEs Italian Market

General Guidelines and Information for Accredited Press at Banca IFIS NPL Meeting

Linee guida e informazioni generali per la stampa accreditata a NPL Meeting di Banca IFIS

MARKET WATCH NPL – The Italian Scenario

January 2018

MARKET WATCH NPL – The Italian Scenario

Flash Update November 2017

NPL Meeting 2017

Event slides

NPL Meeting 2017

M. Quagliariello – EU initiatives on NPLs and the role of the EBA

NPL Meeting 2017

John Fell – Microeconomic perspectives on the market for NPLs

NPL Meeting 2017

Macroeconomic developments, financial stability, and credit supply

Fill the gap

How to revamp the Italian NPL market

Filling the Gap – Report

Italy’s non-performing loans update