27/28 SEPTEMBER 2018
Palazzo del Cinema

The NPL Meeting is the largest Italian conference dedicated to the international banking and NPL markets.


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Spreading new ideas

Every year, the most important regulators, market players and leaders in the NPL sector deliver key messages and opinions on the most up-to-date topics to the NPL Meeting audience.

For this edition too, we have gathered the main experts in NPL management and the sale and purchase of portfolios, as well as regulators and newcomers from the most dynamic financial markets.

This year we are honoured to have with us: Luigi Zingales (Chicago Booth), Paolo Fiorentino (Banca Carige), Thiam Joo Lim (Unicredit), Stefano Del Punta (Intesa Sanpaolo), Fabrizio Viola (Boston Consulting Group), Roberto Nicastro (Cerberus), Gianni Mion (Edizione Holding), Mikael Ericson (Intrum), Klaus-Anders Nysteen (Hoist Finance), Fabio Longo (Bain Capital), Craig Buick (Cabot), Massimo Ruggieri (Elliott), Paolo Corradino (ECB), Josè Brena (Unicredit), Flavio Gianetti (Capital Light Bank – Intesa Sanpaolo), Edoardo Ginevra (Banco BPM), Rino Antonucci (Cariparma), Gian Luca Santi (Unipol Rec), Giancarlo Bartoletti (Alba Leasing), Elisabetta Righini (King’s College London), Marina Natale (SGA), Alessandro Penati (Quaestio Capital), Salvatore Immordino (REV Gestione Crediti).


27 September 2018
VENICE LIDO – Palazzo del Cinema

Starting from about 2.30 PM:
Self-organized seminars will take place both in Palazzo del Cinema and in the Hotel Excelsior.

An unique occasion for networking and professional update… don’t miss it!



Use #NPLmeeting to share your thoughts and, at the event itself, your photos and the event topics. On the Banca IFIS social profiles, we will share news about the event and will announce details of speakers presentations: follow Banca IFIS on social networks too keep-up-to date with #NPLmeeting 2018!

Prior to the event, participants will receive their credentials for access to the networking app IFISlive, where attendees can send direct messages to other attendees in order to set appointments and share thoughts and info.

Why attend?

The NPL Meeting is the largest Italian conference dedicated to the international banking and NPL markets.

Every year, hundreds of market players from the major companies dealing with deteriorated assets (funds, originators, buyers and consultants) gather together to listen to economic and financial leaders, regulators and top-level speakers.

The NPL Meeting is also an extraordinary occasion for networking, with participants coming from all over Italy as well as from abroad.

Networking rules

The NPL Meeting is an event that links people, countries, companies and topics.

We therefore work hard every year to ensure our guests get plenty of networking opportunities.
These opportunities will be doubled fro the 2018 edition as the event will be held over two days. In particular, the first day of the event will be packed full of occasions to meet other players and share ideas.

Check the agenda.

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